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How to fix the broken GDM in GNOME 3.8 Beta

I think that bug only concerns Fedora 19 installations that come with Initial Setup or any other distribution that you have manually installed Gnome-Initial-Setup, like an upgrade from F18->F19. As a workaround of a broken GDM you could use lightdm instead, but it seems there is a second solution to use GDM and therefore the […]

A ton of Updates for Gnome components!

It is one of those “new versions” days again were new bug fixing versions for applications, libraries and components for the Gnome desktop environment are released. This time it is about the stable or unstable branches of Vala, Empathy, Epiphany, gThumb, WebkitGTK+, Nautilus, Seahorse, Gdm, Eye of Gnome, File Roller, Evince, GTK3, Clutter and Mutter […]

Screen (un)Lock : Halfway there!

Giovanni Campagna (gcampax) finished the planned features for his GSoC (Google Summer of Code) project, of which the most prominent is the PIN authentication, that is a touch friendly replacement for passwords, only meant for local logins. Bad news is that this might not be ready in time for 360 :(

Screen Lock Vs Login Screen in the upcoming Gnome

Gnome developers work on a Screen Lock that is useful mostly for touch devices. They also work in a new Login Screen.  The main purpose of screen lock is obviously to prevent accidentally actions to happen in the system. While Screen Lock shares lot of similarities with Login Screen -currently GDM- , it seems that these […]