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Try Firefox Australis!

Australis is the next version of Firefox browser and featuring an updated visual design, streamlined tab strip, updated Firefox menu and improved customization.

Firefox 22 released!

Another version for the popular open source internet browser has landed bringing the establishment of cool technologies like WebRTC! 

Firefox 19 comes with built-in PDF viewer

Firefox 19 has been released a few days ago bringing small changes and improvements, with the new built-in PDF viewer being the most important addition of the version. I am a Chrome user and I’ve had built-in PDF viewing support for a very long time now, but in the case of Firefox it is “better […]

Firefox 18 released!

The new version of the most popular open source browser has been released yesterday bringing exciting speed improvements in various sectors and support for modern display technologies. This release is not a long term support one like Firefox 10 and 17 were and version 24 will be, so you should only use this if you […]

Run Firefox OS in Gnome ;)

I guess you all know about the upcoming Firefox OS, but what you might don’t know is how easily you can run it in GNOME and play with it. Its Apps and Interface is made totally by WEB Technologies (CSS JavaScript, HTML) and I think it could easily catch up with Apple’s and Google App […]

How to -better- integrate Firefox in GNOME 3

Firefox port to GTK3 will take some more time to arrive ..until then you can use some extensions to achieve a better integration for FF in GNOME 3. All you need to do, is to install 3 extensions, GNOME3,  HTitle and FxButton.  

The Good (Firefox), The Bad (Aurora) & The Ugly (ESR)

This is a small trick to show how you can install and fire multiple instances of Firefox, Aurora (the Next Firefox) and Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release).  This tutorial won’t ask you for a root command and it won’t mess up with your system at all! Although it is Gnome specific you can use it in […]

Adwaita theme for Chrome and Firefox!

Although Web is quickly evolving into a fully featured browser, it still has a lot to do to be used as the core part of every Gnome user daily internet experience. Firefox and Chrome/Chromium that are the most popular choices unfortunately look different and non-coherent inside Gnome, even when using the selected GTK theme. This […]

Libre Office port to GStreamer1? Done | GTK3 port? Not ready yet

Libre Office (LO) 3.6.1 came out yesterday with many bug fixes. That was the second release from 3.6 branch. But more good things happened. LO port in GStreamer 1 (aka 0.11) was marked as done! From curiosity I also checked the GTK3 port of Libre Office ..and also GTK3 port in Gimp and Firefox.