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Manage your Shell extensions with Shortcuts!

One of the most populated Gnome Shell extension category, is the menu containing shortcuts for tools and locations. Extension Shortcuts is all about managing, configuring, viewing, debugging, searching, enabling and disabling Shell extensions with a click of the mouse. Apart from shortcutting, this extension also offers extension functionality actions like restarting the shell.

Messaging Menu GS Extension

A very useful extension that adds a messaging menu on the top panel was released today, aiming to do the Gnome Shell users life a little easier. The extension includes all email and chat applications that are installed in your system and also supported by the extension (not everything is yet supported).

Uptime Indicator extension

Uptime is a measure of the time a machine has been up without any downtime. As you understand, Linux operating systems have always been the masters of big uptime values and some of their users have always been measuring and sharing these values with others as a form of OS “power” and stability display. Uptime […]

Gnome Shell Extensions are for Gnome..

..what hair extensions are for women. An *obligatory* accessory. The sooner they give better support in Extensions, the better the Gnome will be. Apart from the still beta and hard to discover extensions page that Gnome runs, Extension developing isn’t either easy for contributors, in a way that Gnome doesn’t provide a good documentation about […]

The Eye Gnome Shell extension!

I am sure that most of you remember the x-eyes applet that featured two googly eyes that followed the cursor movements on the screen as if they were watching it. The Eye is a new Gnome Shell extension that does exactly the same thing that x-eyes did. Thankfully it doesn’t look out of place at […]

Seven Alt+Tabs for Gnome Shell 3.6 ..and Counting :)

Gnome Shell as every other Desktop UI Shell has three main goals. To start up / shutting down applications, to switch between applications and to inform us about possible notifications. Launching Apps in Gnome3 is great; notifications is average but bubble chat rocks, manage Apps with workspaces is state of the art, but switching between […]

Weather extension is now available for Gnome Shell 3.6!

Weather extension that is one of the most popular and user favorite Gnome Shell extensions, has been ported to the latest 3.6 version! Canek Peláez Valdés who forked the extension after failing to reach the former maintainer was kind enough to inform us of the port and availability. He also fixed many bugs and added […]

Add a fade-in effect for your windows

Another new little extension in the logic of mengzuo’s creations has been released by luman yesterday for Gnome Shell 3.6. The extension is called “Window Fade In” and what it actually does is adding a quick fade in effect for your newly opened windows. The animation is just a detail, but it adds a nice […]

Show Desktop from Overview Gnome Shell extension

Another Gnome Shell extension that adds a touch of naturalness and expands the convenience has been released for Gnome Shell 3.4 and 3.6 today! The aim of the extension is to allow users to show desktop by clicking the empty space on the overview, thus eliminating the need for unwanted extra mouse movement.

SABnzbd Gnome Shell extension

SABnzbd is a free to use and Open Source Binary Newsreader written in Python. SABnzbd doesn’t have a GUI so you need a browser to work with its web interface, except in the case you are using Gnome Shell where you can use this new extension! Contrary to conventional news readers, the program doesn’t offer […]

Apps on Top and WorkspaceBar 3.6 extensions!

Two new extensions that will hopefully help you with being more productive when using Gnome Shell 3.6, were released today. As these will be the first days after the 3.6 stable release, it is expected to be bombarded with new extensions that will bring back your “unofficial habits” from 3.4. Let’s take a look…

Gnome Shell 3.6 extensions pullulate!

Although version 3.6 of Gnome Shell is not yet out, many of us already use 3.5.91 enjoying the new features, improvements and fixes of our favorite desktop environment. One of the things that may keep you away from using it yet, may be that your favorite extension that you can’t live/work without is not yet […]

Window Buttons Extension!

A very useful extension made it to the official extensions website today bringing new possibilities for every Gnome Shell user! What the window buttons extension does is having a set of the classic minimize, maximize and close buttons on the top right of the panel all the time allowing you to impose the corresponding action […]

Gnome Shell focus effect!

A very nice extension that adds a useful focus effect on Gnome Shell was updated today reaching version 1.0! The extension simply adds a transparency to the unfocused windows, allowing the better optical focus on the selected/clicked window. This works especially good when using using simplistic wallpapers.

Project Hamster Extension

Project Hamster is a time tracking tool that helps you keep track on how much time you have spent during the day on activities you choose to track. Activities may include things that you do in front of your computer like programming, or things that are not related with your desktop like watering the flowers. […]

lgLoader Gnome Shell Extension

Looking Glass is GNOME Shell’s integrated debugger and inspector tool. It aims to be the Firebug of GNOME Shell. You can open looking glass by pressing Alt+F2 and typing “lg” and pressing Enter, or by getting this new useful extension that will make the job for you!

How to set preferences for your extensions!

Gnome Shell extensions are a great way to expand your desktop environment’s abilities and to shape it according to your preferences. Although enabling and disabling various extensions is an one-click easy to do thing, setting preferences for specific extensions may confuse you, or maybe this is the first time you hear that you can do […]

XPenguins arrive in Gnome-Shell!

I am sure that almost all of you have seen XPenguins before and most of you have already forgot about this ostensibly useless piece of software, but now it will hit you again as the funny little penguins arrive in your desktop in the form of a Gnome Shell extension!

Minimized Window Reminder!

Minimized windows in Gnome Shell can easily be forgotten, or go unnoticed as there is no indication panel present any more. Thankfully, an extension that shows a semi-transparent list of currently minimized windows on the desktop (behind all other windows) was released recently acting as a reminder that the minimized windows are still present.

Workspace Monitor!

Workspace Monitor is a new Gnome Shell extension designed to display all the windows of a selected workspace, allow going to the window with one click, offer the options to adjust the maximum size of the panel and to select the display mode, and has the ability to appear either in overlay, or in dock […]