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Add a GnoMenu and manage your minimized windows!

The creation of new Gnome Shell extensions seems to always be rising and never ceases to amaze me with the technological simplicity that users can bring the system closer to their needs. This time it’s all about two little tools that can prove uber-useful for many people out there. They are both menus, but with […]

Candy Thief and Avoid Overview extensions

Two new extensions that concern the appearance and functionality of our favorite desktop environment were made available, providing Gnome Shell users with two more little options. Although not very important or world-changing, both candy thief and avoid overview can be helpful or useful for many people out there.

Moar Accordion extension

Gnome Shell’s tray is the place where you can find everything that works on the background (torrent client, music player etc), or your contacts that may talk to you through the usual GS “bubbles”. Although this works great most of the time, sometimes things get complicating and confusing like when talking with people who don’t […]

Panel Shutdown Button extension

Gnome Shell extensions are often created to offer something that isn’t even there, but we also see some little extensions that displace buttons, create shortcuts, or just bring certain things to the surface. This new little extension add a power off button to the panel. It doesn’t replace the menu entry, nor it offers anything […]

Nvidia GPU Temperature Indicator Extension

If you want to monitor your nVidia GPU Temperature at all times, this is the extension you are looking for. It uses nvidia-smi or nvidia-settings as default -if available-, and displays the GPU temperature on the right corner side by  side with a nice integrated icon. This extension is available for Gnome Shell 3.6.

Remove features with removal extensions

Although Gnome Shell is very minimalistic by default, in order to offer the user the ability to form it the way he/she likes, it does include some things that may not be useful for everyone. One of the most popular examples is the remove accessibility extension that many people use to get rid of the […]