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Web 3.12 Beta

The next version of Gnome’s default web browser is a leap forward with great improvements in design and functionality.

A look into Web 3.10

Gnome’s default web browser took another great step in this development cycle bringing many new technologies and features to the hands of Gnome users!

Final, Web in WebKit2 ;)

After 2 years of hard work GNOME Web 3.8 came to gain a place in your Favorites Shell Dock! Web now performs similar to Chrome and Safari OSX but is lighter and free. Maybe Web isn’t yet “there” for everybody, but certainly its friends will have a very nice surprise in this new version!

What happened when Igalia met Epiphany?

What happens when Igalia meet Epiphany? Web-Browser’s tabs got obsoleted! This isn’t something new, but it was the first time I tried it, and it has much difference to just see something and actually trying it. Well done Igalia people!  

Web now looks more like a Web-Browser ;)

I can’t use Epiphany and I don’t, mostly because it cannot still recognize 6,7 mouse buttons (back-forward)!? Well, yesterday I used it a bit to test the performance of WebKit in Web and in my cool (sic) app I am making. I accidentally pressed back button ..and it worked! Surprisingly there were more nice things that came into […]

Epiphany 3.8 gets integrated AdBlock!

So far, Epiphany has been using an extension to do the dirty work of blocking the annoying ads. The extension wasn’t working very good actually as sometimes it even blocked entire websites! Developers decided to completely rewrite the extension from scratch and make it work like it should be but still this wasn’t enough apparently […]

Web (aka Epiphany) 3.8 Roadmap!

Another development cycle is beginning for Web, another roadmap towards to 3.8 is constructed and for one more time promising features and ideas are on the table. To believe that Web will complete this roadmap is like to believe that a Fedora release will not be delayed :) However some things will certainly arrive in 3.8 like […]

Epiphany gets a speed dial overview!

Epiphany, or the Web if you like, is one of those core Gnome applications that developers should start focusing on with all their power. It is an important but left behind part of the whole Gnome experience. A step towards the evolution of the Web was achieved through the collaboration of Igalia hackers and Gnome […]

A ton of Updates for Gnome components!

It is one of those “new versions” days again were new bug fixing versions for applications, libraries and components for the Gnome desktop environment are released. This time it is about the stable or unstable branches of Vala, Empathy, Epiphany, gThumb, WebkitGTK+, Nautilus, Seahorse, Gdm, Eye of Gnome, File Roller, Evince, GTK3, Clutter and Mutter […]

Epiphany is getting empowered by WebKit2!

WebKit is a widely used Web rendering engine found in popular platforms like Android and iOS, and browsers like Safari and Chrome. WebKit2 GTK+ is one of the many existing ports, bringing WebKit to the GNOME platform. It provides stable GTK+ based APIs for all the WebKit technology, and strives to be deeply integrated into the […]