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Empathy 3.7.2 Release

This is the first Empathy release towards to 3.8 and it brings many translation updates, a re-written chat window (EmpathyChatWindow) from GObject to GTKWindow, some better debug mechanisms for reporters, some minor design updates and two nice bug fixes with Lock and Idle. Also GNOME Shell gained one more small privacy feature.

Empathy fixes two annoying bugs!

When you’re running a video session with Empathy, screen saver can be enabled. But even if you are in screen lock your web-cam will continue to work [bug #684979]. Guillaume Desmottes pushed some fixes and now Lock stays inactive when we are in call and Lock switches off webcam. Giovanni Campagna made Empathy to use GOA’s OAuth2 […]

A ton of Updates for Gnome components!

It is one of those “new versions” days again were new bug fixing versions for applications, libraries and components for the Gnome desktop environment are released. This time it is about the stable or unstable branches of Vala, Empathy, Epiphany, gThumb, WebkitGTK+, Nautilus, Seahorse, Gdm, Eye of Gnome, File Roller, Evince, GTK3, Clutter and Mutter […]

GOA & Empathy 353

I was going to make a screen casting review for Gnome 353 but there are so many new things that is impossible to cover in just one post. So I’ll make screens for each Gnome module separetely. And of course I’ll start from Empathy which is one of my favorite Gnome Apps ..buggy yet!

Empathy debugging continues :)

As we are getting more and more into this summer, university exams are becoming a thing of the past for the students selected for this Google Summer of Code, allowing them to start the “serious” work on their projects. One of these students is Laurent Contzen who announced the first positive results of his work […]

Empathy seeks a new default theme

Following bugs #645920 and #645921, Danielle Madeley (in her blog) seems to work in a new default theme for Empathy Instant Messenger (IM) and Voice Over IP (VoIP) Gnome client. Empathy is one of the most favorites alongside with Pidgin IMs in Linux and that makes every little change on it important :)

Zeitgeist is landing on Empathy 3.6!

Zeitgeist the long awaiting and promising logging framework is finally landing in Gnome, starting by Empathy. It seems that Empathy takes a lot of attention in this release cycle.