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GNOME Documents 3.8 Beta Demo

GNOME Documents is one of the most improved modules in 3.8 and features: New preview scrub bar and page controls, Embedded Edit mode for GDocs, Presentation mode, Better document preview reading width and dual page mode, Bookmarks and Table of Content dialogs, Support PDF files from Google Drive, Sharing dialog for GDocs and a Getting started introduction documents.

Convert multiple documents on Files

Nautilus scripts are a great way to expand the abilities of Gnome’s default file manager. Since all files are accessed that way, scripts that are a click away can help us easily convert, upload, check files or even open the radio! Document conversion scripts is something that can help us improve the so important interoperability, […]

Editing Cloud Documents in GNOME 3.8 – Just Amazing ;)

I don’t want to put labels because this is a team effort. But ..this is so cool and since this is done by William, I am using his face instead of a G-Documents icon. I never was fan of G-Documents or any such application, but what William did, it just changed my mind ;)

Gnome gains Microsoft SkyDrive Support

This is similar how Gnome-Documents handles Google Docs after we setup online accounts. While in Gnome 3.4 we could set up a MS Live account, we couldn’t access MS Docs.. well in 3.6 we gain that ability.