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How to Generate Native Gjs Docs

If you want to get into Gnome Javascript programming you will notice that there isn’t a documented API. In this post I will show a way to generate one. Probably poor in quality, but anyway ;)

String Freeze and updates everywhere!

Yesterday was the string freeze date and many Gnome components were updated as you’d expect. From now on, no string changes may be made without two approvals from the Translation Coordination Team and notification to release-team and documentation team. From this point, developers should concentrate on stability and bug-fixing. Translators can work without worrying that the original English strings will […]

Deception | Part I. Gnome Core Libs Progress

This is a response to some high traffic Tech/News Magazines that tend to present Gnome like an unpopular, un-maintain and almost abandoned project. But it is also a response to some people that are pessimistic and negative about the future of Gnome. I believe that things are much different…

Clutter 1.11.12 | Mutter 3.5.90 | Gnome Shell 3.5.90 Releases!

Too much development for the Best Gnome Release -including Gnome 2- so far: 3.6! This is the 3.5.90 release cycle that is supposed to be UI freeze, but some changes might take place after. Florian Müllner announced Gnome Shell and Mutter 3.5.90 and Emmanuele Bassi announced Clutter 1.11.12. We also have a nice Gnome 3.6 preview from Matthias Clasen’s […]

Clutter Gains its 7th Action: A ClutterZoomAction

Clutter Toolkit got another Action. This time is the ClutterZoomAction which commited by Lionel Landwerlin few minutes ago. This is the 17th commit for Lionel in the Clutter Git (at least with that name!) and it’s a nice 655 lines patch. 

Gjs + Clutter Samples | Create some simple Actors

I have spend endless hours playing Nibbles (Gnome Snake Game) in the past, but this game now feels old. So I decided to write my own Snake Game for Gnome. I will use Clutter and JavaScript which is quite powerful combination, and I though to make some samples here, to enable people to write their […]

Multi-touch in WebKit-Clutter

As Tomeu Vizoso posted in his personal blog yesterday, he has been working in the implementation of the W3C Touch Events API in the Clutter port of WebKit recently.

WebGL in WebKit-Clutter

It looks like Tomeu Vizoso has resumed his work on adding support for WebGL acceleration in WebKit-Clutter. You can find his commits on this branch.

Release Clutter 1.10.8 (stable)

Clutter Toolkit the 3d engine that powers Mutter and Gnome-Shell jumped from 1.10.6 to 1.10.8. The version number indicates small changes, mostly some test units have been added.