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Keep your data 100% (?) private in Cloud with SpiderOak!

There are many services to store your data online in cloud like Drop Box and Ubuntu One, or even Google Drive, which is a bit different from the previous two. One of them is Spider Oak which in contrast to the others, it offers 100% (?) privacy. But that’s not all. This service is amazing […]

Editing Cloud Documents in GNOME 3.8 – Just Amazing ;)

I don’t want to put labels because this is a team effort. But ..this is so cool and since this is done by William, I am using his face instead of a G-Documents icon. I never was fan of G-Documents or any such application, but what William did, it just changed my mind ;)

Piwik Release 1.9 ..and of course we updated!

In 16th of October Piwik -the open source alternative to Google Analytics- made a major update to version 1.9, that includes three new cool features: Page Transitions, Site Search Analytics, and Easy Geo Location. Although Piwik is not related to Gnome, we use it, we like it, we support it and we publish our Analytics -in […]

Gnome 3.8 Features: Integrate ownCloud in Gnome!

It wasn’t long till a “just a discussion” in Gnome MLs jumped as official feature for Gnome 3.8!?! The Open Desktop finally hangs the Open Cloud and Gnome once again is proud to prove that supports the Open Source, it supports the Cloud! The idea was simple, ownCloud offers the same services as Ubuntu One […]

We just “opened” our analytics with Piwik!

You know there are some pages that say “12 users online”; oh well, we go one step further and we expose our full Analytics with Piwik. The reason isn’t to see our traffic, but to check some other cool things like the systems, the browsers, the mobile devices, etc, that people use. Okay, we haven’t […]

My Own Cloud, My Own Gnome Files!

Recently a discussion in Gnome Mailing Lists took place about sync Files with OwnCloud. That might isn’t interesting to the most of us -besides who will abandon Google Drive, Ubuntu One, DropBox for a personal cloud storage service? As I have set up lots of OwnCloud instances for companies that I work for, the answer […]

Do Gnome Team think to release a sync mechanism?!?

Gnome exists more than a decade but it seems that all great things are happening just lately. Gnome’s future feels safer than ever and promises for a competing OS outside the Linux ecosystem are rising, relying on genuinely realistic foundations. 

GNOME gets a fancy cloud video viewer!

Great news everyone! After gnome-documents, gnome-contacts & gnome-boxes, another cloud app arrives in GNOME and this time is even more exciting! It’s kinda a gnome-videos app that will blow your desktop away!