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Why Fedora doesn’t ship Chrome and Chromium?

About Chrome the reasons are clear, Google’s Chrome is a proprietary software, it contains not open source modules, so end of story. In the case of Chromium which is an OS project, things are getting more complicated and go way back in November 19, 2009, when  a discussion started about shipping Chromium in Fedora. Almost three years […]

Adwaita theme for Chrome and Firefox!

Although Web is quickly evolving into a fully featured browser, it still has a lot to do to be used as the core part of every Gnome user daily internet experience. Firefox and Chrome/Chromium that are the most popular choices unfortunately look different and non-coherent inside Gnome, even when using the selected GTK theme. This […]

How to publish your Webpage in Chrome Web Store in 7mins!

Chrome is an unknown little application made by Google -an insignificant technology company-  that help us to browse World Wide Web. Currently Chrome runs in a small number of Personal Computers and Mobile Phones, in some Tablet devices and in a few TVs. Well I wasn’t completely honest, but you already know that, don’t you? […]