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GNOME Shell 3.6.3 release fixes 4 major bugs

GNOME Release Team and Florian Mullner announced the immediate availability of Shell and Mutter 3.6.3 that closes 4+2 bugs and updates several translations. Speaking of bugs, yesterday sysAdmins of GNOME moved the 25GB Bugzilla database to another disk, and that caused bugzilla.gnome -and other services- to be down for some time. 

File a bug and make GNOME better!

There are plenty ways to help GNOME become better and grow. By contributing in code, donating some money, filing bugs and by just using it and gossip about. I consider filing bugs is the very best way to help GNOME and it will only steal some moments from your time, anytime you have some spare […]

A Memory Regression in GNOME Shell 3.6+ | #685513

In GNOME Shell 3.6 and 3.7.3, there is a huge memory consumption that can easily reproduce by opening Shell elements. While this at begging was thought to affect only nVIDIA drivers, it seems that also affects Ivy and Sandy chips. There isn’t any report for AMD chips, so if you are interested you can test it, and file […]

Every Detail Matters 2 is open for Hacking!

Every Detail Matters Round 2  is now open and aims to make Gnome 3.8 the most polished version yet. Don’t get fooled by “details”, this isn’t about details at all! This project is a really good opportunity to make a contribution to Gnome and as Allan Day says “If you fix just one bug, you can […]

4 Minor Updates for Gnome

Gnome University gained 4 new members in the last two days (!), Allan Day added a couple of new bugs in Every Detail Matters Project, and Pavel Holovko update his Vala Documentation and added a Russian Translation, which isn’t completed yet. Also there are some newer Mockups for Notifications Filtering and Options.

Oops!… I crashed it again ;)

The 30 years old pop star and  single mom has been.. Oops! wrong blog for that! What I wanted to talk about was a forgotten Gnome App known as “Oops!”. Oops is a bug report tool designed for Gnome3 by Jakub Steiner (Jimmac) about a year ago, but unfortunately didn’t -so far- make it in […]

Empathy debugging continues :)

As we are getting more and more into this summer, university exams are becoming a thing of the past for the students selected for this Google Summer of Code, allowing them to start the “serious” work on their projects. One of these students is Laurent Contzen who announced the first positive results of his work […]