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Gnome Asia 2013 is going to Seoul!

Gnome Asia is the GUADEC equivalent for the Asian Gnome developers and contributors. It is a first class chance for Asian Gnome lovers to meet, discuss the past and future of our favorite desktop environment, collaborate and invigorate the local communities. The 2013 event is going to take place on South Korea’s capital that is […]

Gnome Tech talks in Korea!

Joone Hur has been organizing some very interesting Gnome tech talks every month since January 2012, aiming to introduce Gnome technology to the community members. These talks are in Korean so you won’t be able to understand anything unless you speak Korean, but you can see some of the slides to get the idea in […]

GNOME Asia summit is over

GNOME Asia summit ended with success yesterday. The organization was very good and the atmosphere fun and friendly. We don’t know any more details yet, and lectures have not been uploaded but Andre Klapper has posted the following pictures on his blog:

GNOME Asia Summit is about to begin!

The GNOME Asia Summit starts at June 9, and will take place at the City University of Hong Kong for two days. The main goals of the conference are to bring the GNOME Asian community together, and to provide all kinds of GNOME users the opportunity to discuss both the present technologies and future developments.