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Swell-Foop Now Uses Dark Theme. Why?


Swell-Foop from today will use the dark Adwaita variant. The change is from Michael Catanzaro.

Use the dark theme

This was requested by Allan Day

Michael Catanzaro (patch)

The use of dark theme is hard-coded and we cannot change it from options


Gtk.Settings.get_default ().set ("gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme", true);


The demarcation between dark & light applications is a proven failure, for the simple reason that 3rd party application developers use whatever they want, or they give the option to users to change the variant.

When GNOME had a brilliant idea to apply 2 theme variants for their apps, they don’t give to users the choice to swap variants (from light to dark & vice versa) individually on every app.

Small details, huge complains that impoverish the community.


  • Even Fedora doesn’t respect GNOME guidelines. Terminal in Fedora is dark. There are dozens of such examples..
  • There are many 3rd party themes. Some of them have quality dark variants, some poor, some none.

Set (GNOME) the default to whatever you think is appropriate, but let us (users) to choose what we think is better. Keep community happy!

Should we explain why personalization is important? Check on themes downloads, check what Google does..

By the way, except GNOME Terminal, EoG (Eye of GNOME) also let us to change the theme variant through a plugin –not settings. We need eog-plugins package.

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  • mirek2

    What huge complaints? What proven failure?

    The dark and light variants of Adwaita are there for the same reason that they are there on Android — they’re there for the devs to choose, not for the users.

    • alex285

      Huge complains e.g How many requests there are from users to change variants per application?

      Proven failure. e.g The logic behind what app should use dark and what app should use light theme, isn’t respected by app authors and it isn’t even clear.

      Let me revert the question: Why Gnome Apps should’t give an option to user?

      About the Android, I don’t believe is a valid comparison. Mostly because we are talking about different set of users.

      Of course I can be wrong on this, and you can be 100% right. I don’t disagree with you, I am placing my opinion.

  • Remjg

    From a user point of view, I don’t understand why there is not a “global light theme” switch whereas there is a “global dark theme” switch.