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Subscribe to WebCal Calendars with California!

Wow, it wasn’t that much time since I wrote about California, the Yorba’s Calendar for GNOME, but it seems lots of new things happened since then. First and foremost California is now actually usable and it can sync with various online calendars.

Subscribe to WebCal calendar, #727120

Jim Nelson: User can now add a WebCal calendar to California (and EDS) through a dialog box accessed from the AppMenu.

This also fixes the issue where new calendars added to EDS (either via California or externally) are not displayed in the application (bgo#726845).

That fix is 5 days old, but it didn’t work on Fedora 20/GNOME 3.10 installation, as it supposed to, but it worked on Fedora 20 / GNOME 3.12.


A nice source to add calendars to California

Does California Provide Google Calendar Support?

Jim Nelson: Yes, sort of. California can subscribe to a Google ICS calendar without GData by going through EDS. However, GData offers a way to enumerate all the user’s calendars and get their URLs programmatically, meaning the user won’t need to copy-and-paste links. That’s what I’m working on right now (bug #725763).

JHBuild Installation

I don’t know other way than install it from sources. Besides this is pre-alpha software, and you should mostly use it for submitting bugs.


$ jhbuild buildone california

Enable debugger

$ export G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all


$ jhbuild run california

Enjoy, and don’t miss to file your bugs and your suggestions!

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