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Stunt Rally 2.3 is here!

Stunt Rally developer Crystal Hamer keeps on delivering new versions of his vdrift-based project every few months, being the most active open source racer right now. Every release comes always with a set of improvements and content enrichment and this latest one is no exception.


Version 2.3

This release comes with the usual track renewal that concerns all 146 existing tracks + 7 new tracks. The tracks now use new bigger (1k) and better textures for their terrain licensed under the Creative Commons. Also, Blendmap noise with parameters like like scale, power, octaves and persistence is implemented working as RTT.

Emissive light elements now appear in some tracks making non-ambient lighting more realistic. Grass appearance has also been improved with different kinds (channels) of grass appearing in different elevations of a track. Dynamic camera bouncing and camera view angle sliders, along with more boost options complete the picture of the highlights for this release. Here is a video with the main developer “on the wheel” showcasing 2.3’s new terrain textures on selected tracks:

I shouldn’t forget to mention that the editor of the game was once again hugely improved in many sectors, making the involvement of new contributors even easier. Contributing to a project like this is sometimes more rewarding than playing the actual game, so you should definitely give the editor a try too and see how that goes.

Stunt Rally Website

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