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Split and merge any file with Gnome Split!

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You begin the procedure by selecting what you want to do. You can either split or merge files. I will begin with splitting.

I chose an .mp3 file that is about 76MB. After selecting a file you can select the splitting method and algorithm. You have the following options:

  • Split in chunks (default)
  • Split in bytes
  • Split in KiB
  • Split in MiB
  • Split in GiB
  • CD-R (700MB)
  • DVD-R (4.7GB)

The algorithm can be one of the following:

  • Generic (default)
  • Gnome Split
  • Xtremsplit
  • KFK
  • YoyoCut

I decided to go with the generic algorithm and split the file into three equal chunks. After the setting these parameters you can press the play button on the upper left and the splitting will finish in a second. The result is three non-playable files with 25.1ΜΒ of size each.

Merging the files again is as simple as pressing the “plus” button on the upper left and choosing to merge, or switch the “View” to merge on the main application window. You will then have to choose the first chunk and the folder containing all the chunks and press the play button again.

Gnome Split is a useful little tool that everyone should have installed in their systems no matter if they even needed to do a split or not. It will certainly save you a lot of time and trouble when you’ll need it. I suggest you use your distribution’s software manager to install this.

Gnome Split Homepage

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  • Bilbo Baggins

    cool background

    • Bill_Toulas

      Here you go

  • Rafael Ibaldo

    Or, neckbeard moment here, you could use the command line tool “split”. I was even making an zenity script to what this program does and a little more.

  • CoudCoud

    File Roller, with p7zip, can also split and merge files.
    It is more basic as you can only specify the size of the split files.
    The main inconvenient is that it compress the file, which takes time.
    But the advantage is that File Roller is shipped on most Gnome distros, and 7zip is available on MS Windows.
    And you can split your files by a “right-click->compress” in nautilus.

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