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Soundz and Coverz!

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Soundz interface looks like a simplistic file manager that can playback audio files. It looks cool despite its very minimal design approach and offers the following features: local disk navigation, playback, an equalizer and a shuffle button.


To install Soundz, you simply download it, untar the downloaded file, enter the location of the created folder with a terminal and then run the following command:

sudo make install

An executable is also available, so in case you don’t want to install the application in your system you can link it in your applications menu. A script that creates a debian package is also available.


Wan’t to boost your Soundz experience a little bit by displaying the album cover of what you’re currently listening? Coverz is the simplest way to do it!

Coverz is a little tool that works like an album art conky and can do the thing for Amarok2, Audacious, Banshee, BeatBox, Clementine, DeaDBeeF, Exaile, MPD, Noise, Nuvola, Rythmbox, Soundz, Totem and VLC. It can be configured, stay on top, kept fixed in a position etc. You can get it running in exactly the same way you did with Soundz. Download Coverz


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  • ShaffafAhmed

    can u tell what wallpaper plx :)

  • jon_downfromthetrees

    Looks pretty nice. Don’t see a way to point soundz at a directory after it’s launched, though.

    • billtoulas

      Doesn’t the upper left and the main window work? You simply click the folder and you’re in. Just like what you do with a file manager

      • jon_downfromthetrees

        Ah! Yes, that works. Silly me.

  • Sandor Klaus Odor

    the download links don’t work … :(

  • enjoy

    project coverz deleted from google code, project soundz has deleted all files from the project site
    what happened?

    • billtoulas

      Something weird has happened, and I don’t know what…