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Some Updating About Us!

Getting the chance from this latest bug, I’m going to write a few more things, we are planning to make.

The latest bug. As you already noticed was working while didn’t. That was really nasty bug, since I though it was something with Apache/Php rooting.

It was a caching issue, which I was unable to debug, for technical reasons. In local, I have Php on Fast CGI running on Nginx, not even to mention that all versions are different from server, that uses the standard LAMP.

Nginx. One change is this. Replace Apache+Php with Nginx+Php-Fpm. We already run Nginx on server in a different IP. This will boost performance.

Planet Gnome Rss. Accessible from the right side in frontpage. There is a preview button, which I really love. I read almost all posts from there, something I wasn’t doing before, from

While I cache the Planet Gnome Posts on server, I always retrieve all of them in a page request. Preview button should async call them. Again, a performance fix.

Endless Scrolling. Instead of async loading wordpress pages, I will add an endless scrolling with a preview method similar to Rss. Ajaxizing WP would be a perfect solution, but it just causes so much issues. Again for performance.

Google Comments. Another thing, is that I want to drop Disqus for G+. The major reason, is that we have comments scattered, and everyone here has a G+ account anyway. It is also convenient to refer people with “+”. There are more reasons. I started work on G+ API just yesterday, it needs some work.

Https. Replace Http with Https. Obvious reasons.

Ads. Yeap we need some Ads. You need to disable AdBlocker on this site ;)

Facebook. Do we have? I have login only 2 or 3 times, and no more than 30 times even in my personal account. None checks this, I think we should just drop this page.

Forums. Well, we hosted forums, but we weren’t responsible for them. We got so much spam, we had to drop them.

Bookmarks. I’ve written a small App in Angular that auto-completes Gnome Project Names and discovers their sources. Bugzilla, Git, Design Pages etc. It is useful. Have to migrate it to WP.

WP Misc. Our site is half completed..

Theme Service. isn’t dead! I was away for while, so I didn’t spend time on it. I will focus on this from now on, and I’ll make the best Theme Service ever.. ever.. ever ..ever ;)

What else? Can’t remember anything else.

Don’t forget. We are not officially connected to Gnome, we definitely don’t do journalism. We are just like you. You are just like us. Free to write on this blog ;)

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  • Bruno Maximo e Melo

    oh man, Gnome is part of GNU project, make more sense use free technologies…G+ is not free

    • alex285

      Google doesn’t sell technology, it sells infrastructure. The technology is pretty much known. Control over data is another story..

      • Bruno Maximo e Melo

        it’s about control

        • alex285

          Let me explain the reasons in a post after we make the transition. The short answer is that we can’t support services as a comment system, on our own, for many reasons.

          Besides this is a news page about Open Source. We need to make it available to as many people as possible. G+ helps on this.

          It is kinda like your saying, we shouldn’t use Github, we shouldn’t use Gmail etc. Even if you are right on this, can be done?

          • Bruno Maximo e Melo

            Well, for Gmail there are many options, example OpenMailBox. For github there are gitlab and gitourious. For Twitter, look for Quitter, Facebook -> Friendica, Youtube -> MediaGoblin.
            Always there are free alternatives. Look and be happy. There the alternative to Disqus is this:

          • alex285

            I don’t understand. What makes OpenMailBox and Gitorious, different than Gmail and Github? They still control my data. Don’t confuse open frameworks with data control.

            As a matter of fact, I trust Google more; in the terms that nothing bad will happen to them and I won’t lose my online things. Privacy?It’s a myth.

            All companies (even the alternatives you propose) can change their policy in a day.

            *I don’t think that you mean that every developer should deploy his own Gitorious node for sharing his work.

          • Bruno Maximo e Melo

            So create you own server for your services.

            I respect your rights of copy and redistribute information, but this should be mutual and I’d like you respect mine.

            Your arguments is valid for Windows, so why are we using GNU/somekernel? A: For nothing.

          • alex285

            I never seen Open Source from a free software activist perspective. I believe that free software (as a broader meaning) is the next step of capitalism, is the evolution of human society. Sharing, is the future. In all means.

            About privacy? I don’t want privacy. I have nothing to hide. Ok, I have weird ideas. I admit that. Can’t help it. Sorry!

            Why are we using GNU? Coz we are smart. Still under investigation. We were smart and we used GNU, or GNU made us smarter? Free Software is the best educational medium. I believe.

          • IsacDaavid

            So I guess you don’t mind posting your credentials (usernames and plaintext passwords) for all your accounts…

          • Svitozar Cherepii

            It’s plain text. Does it matter if it is public already?

            For private stuff and computing, better host it yourself. But this is pure content and is not about anything illegal, so why to care? Sharing and hosting this comment with NSA is ok, I like to know someone will actually read that :)

            Also I like G+ comment system more, because there is no downvote, so discussion is more healthier and you can delete comment properly.

          • Bruno Maximo e Melo

            1- Free software has nothing to do with capitalism, not necessarily, free software can be used for capitalism but it’s essentially voluntary.
            2- nothing to hide? this is your opinion, but maybe others people have something to hide or they are fight for privacy and freedom rights.
            3- choosing GNU have nothing to do with be smart. this is be fanboy, is not an argument.

            I think your spirit is open source, I suggest BSD license, so I suggest to you migrate for FreeBSD ;)

          • alex285

            1. Freedom as Free Software is the most aggressive form of capitalism. Society has no values. People have values. Is a no-rules free market. Equal chances. Pure Capitalism.

            2. Freedom to privacy, or freedom to information? People have 3 lives. Public, private and secret. It depends how you understand privacy.

            3. It’s no an argument indeed. It’s a choice. The choice of sharing.

            4. I had FreeBSD 5 (I think was v5). Omg, I’am feeling I want to try it again!

          • IsacDaavid

            not to mention Identica and Diaspora as Twitter and Facebook replacements, both free and federated

  • Khurshid Alam

    Finally Twitter is working!….But still no reply from any mentions. Is it actively maintained?

    • alex285

      Is it working? I didn’t even know it wasn’t! I guess it was the fix of our broken Rss.
      There isn’t much to maintain in Twitter, it just reads news from G+. But yes, we are not going drop Twitter.

  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    “Endless Scrolling.”, make sure you get rid of the footer then.

    • alex285

      Nah, you can keep footer.

      • Rowan Lewis

        Not if you want people to be able to read it ever.

        • alex285

          ;) I mean keep it readable. There are ways. The most common is to add a “display more results” button after some scrolling.