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Some small GNOME Shell 3.7.5 Refinements

This post was made with an older stylesheet

searchDisplay: set a max width

This is made for matching the GNOME Shell Designs.

Cosimo Cecchi | Bug Report: #692453 | Commit

On large displays, we don’t want the search results list to expand across the whole screen; set a maximum width of 1000px. Unfortunately, since in St max-width only affects size requisition, we need a little custom layout manager to have it applied to the allocation too.

Applications Overview


In Applications Overview the layout remains full screen. But when we type something..

Search Overview


The layout width changes with a max width of 1000px. My Resolution is 1680×1050 and that seems OK. In High Definition resolutions (1920×1080) which more people I guess you have or your next PC will have (even in Laptops) I am not sure how good this will look like. In the bright side, this is just an property in Shell CSS (check), so the theme authors can revert this change.  They should go with a dynamic approach depending on the screen resolution, or something like 80% width.

Windows Thumbnails in Overview

In GNOME 3.8 they have slightly changed the way that Windows Thumbnails are displayed in Shell. Thumbnails are now trying to keep the original size (in scale) of the running Windows, so they make it easier for users to identify a larger Window (Chrome) from a smaller (Terminal) at first sight. Also Shell now makes a better use of the available space. It is a very nice improvement, but still missing the Overlay Icons, to help us further to recognize applications immediately.

Lets suppose we have a large application (Nautilus) and a small application (Terminal)



This is what happens in Shell 3.7.4.


The small application in preview, becomes actually bigger. That is  a bug obviously.


This is what happens in Shell 3.7.4+


That is better. Of course this is work in progress, and changes and improvements are likely to come here. Success is hidden in details and GNOME is trying to close those issues.

Application Menu in GNOME Terminal

Not big deal, nothing else has changed but the Terminal has now an Application Menu.


This addition is there for some time, but I just noticed it two days ago. And that brings me again in mind that Application Menus just don’t work. The idea behind them is good, but some things just don’t work. Also application menus will never (at least not soon) adopted in applications like Gimp or Libre Office or Blender etc. Applications that are pretty popular in GNOME.

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  • hells_dark

    Nice changes !

    Though, I’m not sure about “Windows Thumbnails in Overview” which looks better on the previous screenshot…

    • hells_dark

      a “centering” issue I guess…

      • hells_dark

        Ho, and sorry for so much comments, but I disagree with you on the application menu not working.
        I use windows 7 at work and it works well, I don’t see why it would not work well in gnome-shell too.
        Moreover, it’s just a “bonus”. All options on thoses menus are available in the traditional menu.

        • alex285

          The options are not available in traditional menus. Terminal is just an exception (at least for now). Windows 7 have an application menu?!?

          • hells_dark

            Well, yes. For instance, if you right clich on the chrome task, you can see the open tabs, you can create a new window, a new tab, such things… I guess it’s an application menu.
            You’re right, the options are not available in traditonal menus… Only if you haven’t the gnome-shell I think…
            My bad :/

  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    wtf is the Windows beta fish doing there? :)

    • alex285

      Enjoys the open (source) sea?
      I just like it :)

  • Víc Asecas

    If only they’d create a good icon theme for Gnome… The default is what’s making me run away, seriously… In the other hand you can tell me there’re NixOS and Faeience (both beautiful) but not for dark gnome-shell theme (controls and everything looks awfull) and the same with the default adwaita dark version for totem and so on, they just don’t match anything… Gnome-shell and adwaita looks from the future and awsome but icons make them go to prehistory… I’ve said.

    • JJ

      Adwaita looks so nice…except those buttons. If they make it look like those ubuntu proposals (the button not inside the border rather hides it behind) it would have been awesome. And about icons, of course, no comments.

    • Masishta

      I reported a bug for this

  • jon_downfromthetrees

    Application menu = global menu? No, it won’t work because Gnome can’t make developers adopt it.

    Many users don’t seem to recognize when an app actually has a global menu. I’ve seen Files users complain about losing a feature, when the feature was available via the global menu. They hadn’t even noticed it.

    • Alex

      Seriously the ¨global¨ menu is a horrible idea. Even one of the GNOME developers was confused by it.

      • John T. Roll

        You were probably confused about why you had a dick until you hit puberty.

  • hells_dark

    I’ve just tried it and the new search overview (with limited width) looks wonderful ! Great job !