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Some notes about our page update

This post was made with an older stylesheet

Our goal is to build a clean but yet powerful page and make it as much Gnomish as we can.  So we introduced Gnome top panel and Activities button. Activities button since today had no use other than opening categories. Well, today we changed that a bit, but actually still does nothing because is more a mockup :)



So by pressing Activities now (it currently works only in homepage) we have a totally different screen. I did this because I don’t like to super-load the sidebar with stuffs, ending to have a totally unreadable page.  So all the extra things will get into here. Right now that works only by pressing Activities button, but I ll include some key, I guess “a”.

Also I made some quicklists in the dock menu similar to the Gnome’s Quicklists and might also make a Post Menu, similar to Gnome’s Application Menu when you are inside the post. Of course I will remove the ad from top bar and put the Menu there.

The reason I upload unfinished things online, is cause there isn’t other way to try them. Some services like Disqus are bind on domain, and as I used Ajax on this I have to debug it live.

Page is totally unfinished ..but I haven’t much free time.. or I get lazy sometimes :)


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  • swftech

    I think your doing an awesome job so far with the page. Making it “Gnomish” is an awesome idea!! #gnome #ftw ;)

    • alex285

      Thank you!

  • Satyajit Sahoo

    Awesome. Very unique. Websites seem to copy colors only. But by using the design ideas from Gnome, you are giving the website a true Gnome experience :D