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Some Minor Changes in Lightbox Overlay 4 GNOME 3.12

Some more UI slightly changes arrive in Shell just 15 days before the release.

Whats New


Above the ellipsis in lightbox effect in overview – GNOME 3.10.


Above there isn’t ellipsis just a dark overlay – GNOME 3.10.


Above the lightbox effect that uses the same alpha constants as the overview, it is more “noticeable” and it works everywhere – GNOME 3.12.

The patches are from Giovanni Campagna and they are approved from Allan Day and Jakub Steiner.

Giovanni, bug #725830

Lightbox: complete radial effect for modal dialogs

Rework the radial effect to use similar code to MetaBackground, and adjust parameters to make it more noticeable.

I am using the light theme to make this more visible. GNOME top bar remains black!

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