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Software Search Provider Now Sorts Apps by Kudo


3-only results no matter the screen size; no option for show more :(

Software 3.11.91 introduced “Kudos” concept for apps, and Shell (Software Shell Search Provider actually) is going to use this concept.

Applications gain a higher Kudos percentage by fulfilling some criteria. For example they get Kudos when they are translated, when they are recommended or featured, when they ship screenshots on AppData etc..

Software Search Provider will boost applications with higher Kudos percentage on the Shell results.

Sort the results by Kudo for the shell sort provider

Ensure results are sorted before returning results to GNOME Shell, as typically only 3 results are being shown. If this is not done we show the results in the order they are parsed, which for AppStream are the application overrides and distro-specific additions.

We sort by the kudo rather than the rating for two reasons; the first being that only a few applications have been rated by end users, and the second that we get the kudo information ‘for free’ meaning we don’t have to set any additional GsPluginRefine flags which would take longer to return to the shell.

Richard Hughes (Patch)

This kind of sort is far from optimal, but Richard explained the reasons why they can’t apply user ratings at the moment. This change is hard-coded and we can’t change it from GSettings.

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