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Software 3.11.91 Introduce “Kudos” Concept For Apps

SoftwareApp 3.12 unlikely to version 3.10 is tightly connected to GNOME, and that means you definitely need Software to use GNOME efficiently. I am saying this since many guys are using Arch/Antergos and Ubuntu GNOME and I don’t know what’s the status of Software implementation on those two distros.

Kudos For Apps

Every application that achieve certain goals gains some kudos.

The goals are:

  • Award a kudo if an application is available in the users language
  • Award a kudo if an application is featured or recommended
  • Award a kudo if an application ships an AppData screenshot

Apps Kudos aren’t directly visible to the users, and this concept isn’t related to App Ratings. Not sure where they will use this, but l guess they will boost those Apps in search results.

Creating AppFolders

There were some slightly changes (with the use of a popover) in the way we create AppFolders, based on the latest mockups.

Theme: Auquid | Dolce Vita

The user interface for adding, removing, or changing AppFolders on the Apps, doesn’t justify the quality of the developers that they are involved: Allan Day, Jon McCann, Matthias Clasen and of course Richard Hughes, who is the main dev of Sofware.

Four of the best GNOME devs, came up with that? To be fair, the whole thing was made a little bit in rush, and definitely this handy implementation will be totally revisited on the next version.

Creating AppFolders From GSettings

While I was testing appFolders I found it impossible to make fast changes through the interface of Software. GSettings worked much faster for creating AppFolders and moving/removing application from them.


If you are familiar with GSettings it might be a better way in some cases.

A nice tip for everyone is how to reset all our appsFolder. Actually delete them. From Terminal:

$ gsettings reset-recursively

Or –It’s the same

$ dconf reset -f /org/gnome/desktop/app-folders/

This is in general a very good way to reset settings “trees”.

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