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Snappy, a cool media player with a Clutter interface

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This media player still in an early stage of development and its features are rather poor. However, now that the most basic elements have been put in place and work correctly, with the clutter interface new cool things can be implemented. After compiling it, I’ve been testing it and took some screenshots (though with only one is enough):

Snappy interface

As you can see, it’s very light, but limited. Some people are already asking for new features.

GNOME Sushi previews and Snappy

While I was testing snappy on GNOME 3.8, I run into a the preview tool (known as GNOME Sushi) that can also preview videos [probably this sushi feature had been there for long time). The nice thing is that Sushi can be used as a video player, it seems to use a clutter interface as well and seems to work better than Snappy (it can play with subtitles and cool fullscreen mode, for instance).

Here you have an example of the two of them working at the same time:


Snappy 0.3 will be on repos on the following weeks. You can compile it, but I don’t recommend to do so, as you’ll need to install too many libraries and dependencies. However, if you still want to install it, download the tarballs and be ready to fight.

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  • Michiel Scholten

    Sushi isn’t that new (am using it on Gnome 3.4 and I think I had it before on 2.xx too). Still, it’s a great tool to quickly (pre)view files indeed :)

    • Michael Heyns

      I keep forgetting about sushi until I accidentally touch space bar and things start to happen. :)

      • Pau Iranzo

        hahaha, me too!

        • hells_dark

          Made me try Sushi. Kinda cool :)

  • Arash M

    I think sushi had this ability from gnome 3.0

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  • luisbg

    Hello, snappy developer here. Sushi is great and more people should use it :)
    Now that totem has a clutter based UI, I would like to see it open in a minimalistic mode and replace both snappy and sushi for these use cases. It would be better all-over integration experience.

    snappy is targeted towards proving multiplatform GStreamer. Which is why I haven’t worked in any fancy features, and do fun stuff mostly by request.