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Skeltrack 0.1.10 is going vertical!

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Here are the major changes of the 0.1.10 release:

  • The way the shoulders are inferred has changed. This heuristic now uses a circumference around the user’s head and an arc with which it searches for the shoulders. You can check the properties documentation for more details about how the way properties related to the shoulders work, allowing you to change the algorithm’s parameters.
  • A problem with unstable joints that was caused by the incorrect point assignment was overcomed with the calculation of the average of points around an extrema and assign it with that value. This results in more “accurate” points assignment. See below picture 1 without average extremas and picture 2 with average extremas.

  • Skeltrack has now the ability to track the skeleton of a person that moves vertically. This was not possible in the past, due to a bug that prevented Skeltrack to be used with a vertical depth image but now it has been corrected.

Joaquim writes on his blog about this:

We found out that it seems the other skeleton tracking alternatives also do not support the Kinect in a vertical stance; this might mean that if you want to use skeleton tracking with the Kinect vertically, your only choice is either to use Skeltrack or to convince Microsoft or PrimeSense to fix their solutions for you :)

  • Last but not least, the function skeltrack_skeleton_new was returning a GObject instance by mistake. This has now been corrected and it returns a pointer to SkeltrackSkeleton as expected.

Skeltrack GitHub Skeltrack in action!

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