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Siva Flat GTK theme

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Siva themes make extended use of grey-ish colors combined with red text in dialogs for the required contrast, but what is unique about them is the flat-design approach that makes everything look completely flat.



I absolutely loved Siva simplistic design approach and definitely recommend that you should all give it a try and see if it works for you. What is wrong with being flat after all? Abbott says you can still do anything. So does Siva!

  Siva GTK Theme    How to theme GNOME 3

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  • Saurabh Dhandare


    • Bill_Toulas

      You have no aesthetics :p

      • hells_dark


        I actually really like it. Flat and polished. Really good job.

    • Bilbo

      1. Reality is projection of mind =)
      2. Before criticizing you think you could do better?
      3. What is your opinion of beautiful? Maybe your version of pretty for the rest is ugly?
      4. How old are you?
      5. How much money did you pay for that?
      6. In this particular case, because of ignorant words like this, you put down the author of the theme, who spend his personal time and effort, to make this theme reality. He created it for himself first of all, and for all the people who will appreciate that. For the future, if you dont like it just keep it to yourself. The world will be much better. In general thats a patter where people expect perfect product from developers. Well its impossible to please seven billion people. Plus it’s not microsoft or apple product that you have been force to buy having no alternatives and you dislike the theming. So be nice, and say sorry. APOLOGIZE. Learn to say good even if its bad. OK? plus i assume, you come from a family you have been criticised a lot, instead of prized. And now you bring this pattern to unknown people. I feel bad for you, buddy. Put your computer on the side. Have some rest and sleep. Take a shower. Go to library. Find some books about compassion and enjoy, subscribe to Ajahn Brahm lectures on youtube. Come back and will talk =)

  • Shaffaf

    beautiful yet flat .. cant say that about a girl can i ??? :P

    • Bill_Toulas

      Why would you say that? Example: Most female athletes are flat chested because of the low body fat that is an important factor for the chest size, yet many of them are very beautiful :)

  • Adonis K.

    I like it, good job

  • Satyajit Sahoo

    Too much less contrast for me. But other than that, looks great :D

  • gutigen

    While a little similar, this looks waaay better imo:

    • alex285
      • gutigen

        But but… your link is the same as mine :P

        • alex285

          I was pretty sure you had a broken link. Actually I remember the error. I guess I am starting to loosing it :)

    • hells_dark

      Well, not the same.. “yours” is not really flat (buttons & co).
      I would not compare.

      • gutigen

        Yea well, it’s grayish aswell and… looks much better in my humble opinion :)

  • Anonymous

    Too much less contrast +1. I actually prefer the original (ie. non-flat) Siva theme. Minimalism is good but this one is a bit overboard. Also the normal texts are not dark enough and look as if they’re all in disabled state. I wonder how I can change that colour.