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Simple playback with MediaBox!

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What can you do with MediaBox?

You can play some music! You can either open an audio CD, or search on your local hard drive and add folders or files on MediaBox playlist!

You can also search your playlist to find a specific file and play it!

If MediaBox seems to big for you and you’re using it to play some music, you can always make it even smaller!

You want to playback a video? You can do with MediaBox by simply selecting it and you can choose if you want any subtitles to be displayed with it too. A basic equalizer that can set color balance and lightness is also present. In addition, you can also open a DVD!

Gnome integration? You wouldn’t expect that there would be any would you? Well, you can enable bubble notifications that will pop up on every song change, and also make MediaBox minimize to Gnome Shell’s tray. That is all the options you are going to get from this application more or less…

This is MediaBox! A completely light and simple media player that will play almost anything using almost no resources. If you need something like that, give MediaBox a try and tell us how things went!

Get MediaBox!

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