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Shell Fixes Duplicated Search Providers


Above figure shows the bug (video). In my case is always reproduce-able, but this bug doesn’t affect everyone. As a quick work-around you should restart Shell.

search: Make sure to destroy old provider displays when we unregister

When we unregistered providers, like when we refreshed the list of active remote providers, we would forget to destroy the old provider display after the fact. This left an empty “skeleton” provider display still in the search results that would never be filled in.
Make sure to destroy it properly.

Jasper St. Pierre @    728597  

The 2-liner patch is at /js/ui/search.js

const SearchSystem = new Lang.Class({
     _unregisterProvider: function (provider) {
         let index = this._providers.indexOf(provider);
         this._providers.splice(index, 1);

        if (provider.display)

     getProviders: function() {

The fix will come on GNOME Shell 3.12.2, but sometimes distributors apply such fixes earlier. Before Shell turns into binary we could patch this our selves. Now, things became more complicated (for performance), and you can follow this guide to override Shell, by Matthias Clasen.

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