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Shell AppFolders | Tweak Tool [On] / Alacarte [Off]

That isn’t very polite,
gSoftware indicates that I only have one app installed!

gSoftware at the moment is the only application capable to create AppFolders for Shell. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do it very well. Adding, moving, removing applications into and out of folders, it is an example of un-ergonomic-ness.

It was made in a rush, and hopefully they will revisit the whole concept and they will add another panel for creating app-folders with DnD support.

Speaking of DnD, the natural place for creating AppFolders is of course the Shell. Creating AppFolders directly from Shell is something that will come, but *I* don’t expect that to happen on 3.14. The main Shell developers are focused on Wayland and Systemd integration and AFAIK there isn’t either a proposal for it in GSoC.

AppFolders are mostly useful for Touch and pre-ready systems, systems that someone else has setup for you. Personally I only use “Text Search”, however if gSoftware was providing better mechanisms for AppFolders, I would had used them.

GNOME Tweak Tool

Tweak Tool can’t handle AppFolders at the moment, but its main maintainer John Stowers says

I’d accept patches for app folder management in gnome-tweak-tool

John Stowers

Tweak Tool is written in Python and in general is a very easy module to hack into. You can create a new view (tweak) and re-use code from the other Tweak-Tool tweaks, to accomplish this task.

Fork it and submit your patches on Bugzilla.


I guess you need to do something like the above. “Something” like it, not exactly :)

That would be useful till Shell will implement AppFolder from overview. gSoftware isn’t running in some distros, while is unnecessary on others e.g Ubuntu-GNOME.



Alacarte is a menu-spec editor and not an AppFolders manager. GNOME 3 doesn’t use the menu-spec anymore, but it works on Classic Mode, which still uses the menu-spec. Other DEs like XFCE, Cinnamon and Mint still use the menu-spec as well and GNOME will continue developing it.

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