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Shell Adds Super+Home/End Keybindings!


Shell (& GNOME in general) pays exceptional attention to key-bindings and keyboard navigation. While it looks quite touchy, we can alternatively perform most of the actions with shortcuts.

This time we have the addition of  <Super>+Home/End to switch on the first/last workspace.

The complete workflow:

  1. <Super> + Page Up => Previous Workspace
  2. <Super> + Page Down => Next Workspace
  3. <Super> + Home => First Workspace
  4. <Super> + End => Last Workspace

The patches came from Elad Alfassagsettings-desktop-schemas

schemas: Add switch to last/first workspace keybindings

It makes sense to have <super>+Home to switch to the first workspace by default, because we already have <super>+pgup and <super>+pgdn to switch worsplaces relatively.

It also makes sense to have <super>+End to switch to the last workspace, which varies when using dynamic workspaces.

Elad Alfassa | 659288


windowManager: add switch-to-workspace-last keybinding

When using dynamic workspace, the number of the last workspace may vary, and it would be nice to have a keybinding to jump directly to it.

Elad Alfassa | 659288

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