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Shell Adds ‘Show Details’ In The App Picker!

Shell adds a “Show Details’ menu item in the App picker and gains a better interaction with applications. There isn’t anything extraordinary about this patch, but sometimes simple things make a difference.

[caption id="attachment_25664" align="aligncenter" width="640"]show-details-shell Shell Adds ‘Show Details’ In The App Picker![/caption]

That new option simply invokes GNOME-Software by:

GLib.spawn_async (null,
	         ['gnome-software', '--details', id],

Therefore we can easily see some details for every app, or quickly uninstall them. A bug (#643043) that was reported from the very early days of Shell (3.0 beta) and it has been closed on 3.14, by Florian Mullner.

As you can see, “Show Details” to work, it needs Software-App installed, but I guess it is trivial for distributors to add their own software tools here, if they want to use this feature without GNOME-Software.

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