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Shell 3.12 Introducing Jumplists! | How To Use Them

It took a while but Jumplists ( or Quicklists ) are final here ( Shell 3.11.5 ), in GNOME 3.12, thanks to Giovanni Campagna

  • Allow apps to add extra items to their shell context menus (aka jumplists) ( bug #669603 )


Desktop entries of type Application can include one or more actions. An action represents an additional way to invoke the application. Application launchers should expose them to the user (for example, as a submenu) within the context of the application. This is used to build so called “Quicklists” or “Jumplists”.

Note: By application in general we define a program that has a .desktop file.

Freedesktop .deskop Specifications

How To Use Them

Application developers will love this as they can specify additional actions ( like application parameters ) in the .desktop files. For example in my case I have an application that accepts the “https” parameter.

$ girlfriend-app
$ girlfriend-app https

The first command will start the application without secure connection ( the default ), while the second will use the HTTPS protocol.

Now lets create a .desktop file for this.

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Theme service
Comment=Theme App

[Desktop Action HTTPS]
Name=Start With Secure Connection
Exec=girlfriend-app https

The important things here is the Actions Key that specifies the new Actions, and of course the new [ Desktop Action HTTPS ] entry, that creates a new menu item, and starts the application with the “https” parameter.

So I can now have 2 (or more) different ways to invoke my App. Pretty cool, pretty convenient!


Name and Logo are meant to change


You have to pass chromium-args : –ignore-certificate-errors, for websockets over https

 Yet another important new feature of GNOME Shell 3.12!

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