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Shell 3.12 Becomes More Keyboard-Friendly!

While Gnome has to be ported in a Touch Screen Environment, -and lets face it, there is no other option- and while this reduces the quality and speed of mouse interaction -IMO in an acceptable degree-, at the same time, Gnome always improving its keyboard-navigation capabilities.


In Gnome 3.12 we will be able to navigate and select Windows, with Arrows!


  1. Hit <Super> to enter on Activities Overview
  2. Use the arrow keys to select an open window
  3. Hit <Enter> to leave the Overview Mode and bring that window into focus

Apart of the usability enchantment, this feature also brings a more natural/expected behavior.

This change comes for Shell 3.11.3 unstable release and closes bug #644306.

  • Keyboard navigation of windows in Activities overview #644306

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  • Sn3ipen

    I love hidden features like this. I want more!

    Some usability changes I would love to see is middle click to close windows in overview and to close tabs in GTK3 app’s. This would not affect people with a touchscreen or those that don’t use it.

  • IsacDaavid

    This was a long due feature. I was using extensions for this