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Shell 3.10.4 fixes annoying bug in cloned monitors!

Almost at the same time with the unstable Shell 3.11.90, comes the stable release 3.10.4. This is a the 4th maintenance release of 3.10 series that brings some major fixes.

Without having a second monitor to try it out, I think that’s the most “single” annoying bug that is now fixed.

Petr Schindler [reporter] [#710610]

When I mirror desktop over two monitors (built-in and external one) I can’t move applications to another workspace (in overview).

When I drag and drop application to another workspace it appears on the current one. This happens also when I drag&drop window from another workspace, it appears on the active workspace too.

Also when I drag window between two workspaces no new workspace appears.

See video attached.

Version: gnome-shell-3.10.1-1.fc20.x86_64 | Fedora 20

More Bug Fixes Include:

Other important changes include various regressions in window-tracking, that causing crashes or un-expected behaviors.

Shell 3.10.4

  • Fix keyboard activation of legacy tray icons [Giovanni; #721267]
  • Fix regressions from window-tracking changes in 3.10.3 [Florian; #722434, #722690, #722840, #723308, #722928]
  • Scale UI on high-resolution displays [Adel; #705410]
  • Misc. bug fixes [Giovanni, Jasper; #722547, #723197, #724256]

Mutter 3.10.4

  • Fix CSD titlebars being placed off-screen [Jasper; #719772]
  • Expose MetaWindow:skip-taskbar property [Florian; #723307]
  • Fix legacy tray icons showing up blank [Adel; #721596]
  • Fix configuration of cloned monitors [Adel; #710610]
  • Use correct output property for backlight control [Robert; #723606]
  • Misc. bug fixes [Jasper, Adel, Giovanni, Ryan; #720630, #723468, #724258, #724364]
$ gnome-shell --version

Will show you your current Shell/Mutter version installed. Alternatively you can use your package manager.

In Fedora that would be:

$ rpm -q gnome-shell
$ rpm -q mutter

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