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Severed Fifth – Machines Of War (Liberate)

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The best part is that SF release their music under Creative Commons, so you are free to download and share their songs -legally :)


*From left to right:

Jim Addams:  Guitar

Jono Bacon: Vocals, Guitar

Jim Walls: Drums

Ron Crockett: Bass

By the way Jono turned 33 years old last Monday -September 17.  (Happy Birthday!)


2008 – Denied by Reign

  • Beating Heart
  • Take The Test
  • Dollar Plague
  • The Lake
  • Edge Of Design
  • Kickback
  • War
  • Enslaved By Pain

2010 – Nightmares by Design  (Demo)

  • Foretold Revelation
  • Drill Down
  • Politicold
  • Fight Philosophy
  • Fallout
  • Forgotten Heroes
  • The Blackening
  • Foretold Revelation

2012 – Liberate (Full Album)

  • End Of Days
  • Machines Of War
  • Fight Philosophy
  • They Prey
  • Fallout
  • Blackening
  • Forgotten Heroes
  • Foretold Revelation
  • Repent
  • Drill Down
  • Politicold

I only have one favorite band, Belle and Sebastian, so you understand that for me is impossible to listen to Thrash Metal. However cover song of Liberate (Machines of War) isn’t bad -is one of the most soft of the album.


Get a break from metal with Musician, Please Take Heed by “God Help the Girl” which is a musical project authored by Stuart Murdoch, leader of the Scottish indie pop group Belle & Sebastian.

Enjoy 2!

favorite song!


For free downloads, photos, wallpapers, tour dates etc etc, visit the official page of Severed Fifth.

Severed Fifth Official Page

*is the band picture/names right?

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