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Search Panel arrives in GNOME Control Center!

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Search Panel in G-C-C is ready (not yet final), while the Shell implementation is not yet completed. The infrastructure is half ready but the hook for displaying the results is missing, at least from the master branch. I had screencasting this from a patch, but now the patches have been merged into master.

1. In G-C-C there is now a search icon.

2. That opens the search panel where we can choose what files and data we want GNOME Shell to search for. Currently it displays just 3 search providers, but more will come.

3. By clicking the bottom right button we open more search locations.

4. Pressing the <+> opens the folder/file selection dialog and we can add any other location we want.

Just a tiny change I noticed..

..G-C-C now also displays the distributor (ie Fedora) in Base System label -renamed from OS Type.

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