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Say good morning to GNOME Weather ;)

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GNOME Weather 0.1

Giovanni announced Weather in Desktop-Devel ML

This is just a heads up that I opened a new repository at for the GNOME Weather app I had previously announced. This is a lot better than it was the last time, and thanks to the just pushed updates to libgweather, it should support weather forecasts for all the world, using the free service.

Of course there is a lot more to do, but I still hope that gnome-weather can be included as a preview for GNOME 3.8, like we did for clocks in 3.6. Basic functionality is there: you choose your location, and the weather data is fetched from the network. For next steps, besides some obvious ones like the about dialog or preferences for metric vs imperial units, I’d like to hear from designers, if for example it should move to a GNOME 3 content grid and main toolbar, or if the current minimal approach is fine.

Additionally, this is call for help, sort of. libgweather 3.7.3 will include two weather backends in addition to the existing one (which was US only). The first one is Yahoo! Weather, the second one is, the Norwegian metereology service. To access these services, we need to extend the location database. In particular, Yahoo! weather uses a proprietary WOEID (Where On Earth Id), which can be queried using its geocoding service (or geocode-glib), but is not included in the database, while has one entry point using geographical coordinates, and another one using GeoNames. The amount of information varies among them, but in general has less data than Yahoo! Weather, so it would be very nice if you could update the location db, adding the woeid for your city or place, and ensuring that the city or place name in the db matches the one in GeoNames (including the region or other administrative subdivision).

Also, it would be very helpful if you could review the contents of the location db for your region, and possibly replace the city name with one that is big and recognizable enough, in place of the town actually hosting the weather station, as currently in the db, as well as cross-checking the coordinates with Google Maps or some other service. Yes, my plan is eventually to integrate geocode-glib in the location entry, so it will be possible to have locations not stored in the
offline db, but I still think it is useful to keep it up-to-date. In particular, if I ever write code fro that, I think I will continue referring to the offline db for weather stations.


How it looks

Well, don’t expect much, as it is just an initial version.

GNOME Weather is a nice chance for new contributors, particularly those interested in GNOME Programming and Python3.  There isn’t yet a Bugzilla Account for it (if I am not wrong), but you can still fork it and hack it.

Running it with JHBuild

Giovanni helped me a bit to run it, because at the moment  jhbuild generates the right PYTHONPATH only for Python2, so you have to export PYTHONPATH also for Python3. So after you download it and install it, you have to:

jhbuild shell

..and you are ready to run it!

Get it @

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  • Luya Tshimbalanga

    Hi Alex,
    Correction on your sentence:
    “Gnome Weather might not arrive in Gnome 3.8, but you can still get it and run easily, as it doesn’t need any compile.”

    • alex285

      k, thanks ;)

  • JJ

    It would have been far better if they added this to the clocks application. This is not much useful as an independent application/utility

    • alex285

      I am not sure about that, but I think that at some point (not in 3.8) GS Calendar will integrate the data (weather/time) from those apps. At least is what I have seen in some designs..

  • Daniel
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  • confused

    “..and you are ready to run it!”

    I got gnome-weather from git, okay. didn’t have jhbuild, so i googled around and finally installed jhbuild from git. great, now I have that. but i didn’t have python 3.x so I installed that (Fedora 17 has 3.2, though, not 3.4). so I ran “jhbuild shell” and the PYTHONPATH command…now what, exactly, do i have to do to run gnome weather?

    • alex285

      if you have installed it by
      jhbuild buildone gnome-weather

      you can run it with jhbuild run gnome-weather

      • confused…giving up

        thanks for the suggestion, alex. i was still missing more, though…this got me closer:

        yum install gnome-common intltool libgweather-devel clutter-devel

        but the jhbuild bombed on the version of GWeather (libgweather). i have 3.4.1, but I guess it wants 3.5…think I’ll just wait for Fedora 18.

        • alex285

          Sorry, I was answered a bit in rush before try:

          sudo yum install @development-tools @gnome-software-development
          jhbuild sysdeps –install

          jhbuild build gnome-weather

          Actually you can make jhbuild build gnome-shell
          and install the whole Gnome3.8 like that. I haven’t try it in Fedora 17, but it should work.

          • confused…but getting closer

            thanks for your assistance.

            okay, that installed a heap more stuff, but now when I run this:

            jhbuild build gnome-weather

            i get this error:

            jhbuild build: A module called ”gnome-weather” could not be found.

            I am in the dir where I ran “git clone gnome-weather”. same error if I start “jhbuild shell” first and then try to build it.

          • alex285

            You don’t need to be inside the directory, it doesn’t matter.
            You have to add it in your jhbuildrc. Alternative install it by
            jhbuild buildone gnome-weather

          • still confused…

            right, I forgot about “buildone” (I am new to jhbuild, in case you couldn’t tell…). so it tries hard, but comes back to this error:

            configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-3.0 clutter-1.0 gdk-pixbuf-2.0 gio-2.0 gweather-3.0 >=3.5.0) were not met:

            Requested ‘gweather-3.0 >= 3.5.0’ but version of GWeather is 3.4.1

            btw, i am afraid to do the”jhbuild build gnome-shell” you suggested.

            (feel free to tell me to go pound sand at any time)

          • alex285

            Could you please push this in Forums?

  • obux

    perfect, is very very awesome..