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Sabayon 10 is delicious!

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First things first, Sabayon 10 is not using a 100% pure Gnome, but it almost does. Sabayon uses the desktop for launchers, it offers the Gnome tweak tool out of the box and the icons and window theme are different from the Gnome defaults (no big deal). In the software part you will find the classic Gnome set of applications with some extras like the Gnome games package installed.


Can a Gentoo based distribution be really friendly? Well, it seems that it can be and in the case of Sabayon I could say that it is friendly towards the more advanced users. What I want to say is that a too friendly system can be annoying and slow to work with, while a too unfriendly system can be also slow or impossible to work with. Sabayon is just as friendly as you would like it to be.

There is a port of Fedora’s Anaconda installer to help with the easier installation of the system, graphical user interface tools to manage your packages and search for available software and a Sabayon entry on the applications menu to find everything you’ll need, from documented information to on-line help in two clicks.


Package managers are one of the most important parts of a distribution, that often define the success of a system. In the case of Sabayon 10 it is Rigo and I tell you, I was completely amazed by its speed and efficiency.

Rigo was introduced in Sabayon 9, and was greatly improved in 10. It gained a lot more features, like Application Groups browsing, Installed Applications browsing, Easy Repository Management, One-click Download Mirrors optimization, Real-time, Live Install Queue management, Improved Multi-Seat support and many other minor improvements that make users happy.

Here is one more thing that I loved about Rigo: It bothers to notify you about important repository or update changes that may affect your system. Here is an example notification about proprietary graphics drivers changes that may affect ATI/AMD users:

The latest?

Sabayon is a rolling release distribution, that means you won’t have to ever upgrade to a newer version. As long as you update, you are using the latest technology. Although Sabayon developers try to offer the latest application versions in every sector, sometimes some things are left behind for stability reasons. So, this is not your completely bleeding edge distribution, but it does use the latest whenever and wherever possible.

More technology in your hands!

  • Sabayon 10 is more secured by using Hardened Gentoo that is enhancing the distribution with security addons. Version 10 provides an X.Org friendly hardened kernel based on the Gentoo Hardened patches. All this can be found inside the HardenedServer ISO images for both i686 and x86_64 architectures.
  • You can now use Sabayon 10 on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud!
  • The ultra optimization of the kernel using the Fusion patches is once again present and this time Fusion patchset has been almost completely merged into the default kernel.
  • Mesa 9 is not out yet, but you can get a taste of it in Sabayon 10 already, which is shipping with a 2012-08-31 snapshot of Mesa 9 and updated libdrm and drivers stack. Out of the box Kernel-Mode-Setting experience has been improved for Intel and Matrox video cards as well.
  • Starting from Sabayon 10 kernels, ZFS is loaded earlier during the boot process, enabling users to boot their system directly from a ZFS filesystem. Grub 2.00 introduced libzfs support as well. However, the installer does not support ZFS out of the box yet.
  • New udev, kmod stack.

Get Sabayon!

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  • Earl Cameron

    this release got me 30-60ms less on sunspider with chromium and feels more stable, the is a great update! the only thing is that they are using an older version of gnome…

    • Bill_Toulas

      Well…they are using the latest stable version :)
      I suppose that Sabayon users will get Gnome 3.6 soon…

    • anak1n

      If you want the most recent version, just use the limbo repo.
      But beware, it can break your system. It’s used for testing purposes.

  • Aventinus the Zethos

    Great distro. If I was a Gentoo fan it would definitely be my choice but I’m a hardcore Arch Linux fan so when I want to make my life hard I use Arch. I have no time to learn the ways of another distro.

  • ElectricPrism

    I’m using Sabayon X right now and it’s fantastic. The bootup screens all the way into the desktop is consistent, the TTY terminal has syntax hilighting and a consistent nice blue background image, and it’s be far the most compelling distro for me to use as a programmer.

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