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Running in the office with Gnome!

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All you need to do is run the tool and press the “run” button and you are good to go anywhere. When you reach your destination you can simply press the “done” button to display a playful result depending on the time it took you to travel.




Actual screenshot from Flash‘s laptop

Gnome offered a configuration option to select what happens when you close your laptop lid that was removed in Gnome 3.6, and now this little tool is added instead of digging in the configuration options. Now you got an extra dose of trophy hunting time trial fun whenever you go from your desk to the meeting room (or whatever your regular route is).

Office Runner needs systemd to work properly, so it doesn’t work on Ubuntu or other non-systemd distributions

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  • António Fernandes

    It look so bad with ugly fonts…

  • Pedro Nariyoshi

    Isn’t that a bad idea for HDDs (running with your laptop)? I get that the purpose is just prevent suspending, in that case, wouldn’t G-S extension “Caffeine” be a better, easier option?

  • Charlie

    Running Gnome Shell 3.4, the configuration option to select what happens when you close your laptop lid is in System Settings under ‘Power’ there you can disable the suspend and tell it to do nothing.

    • billtoulas

      Thanks for that info. It is lost in the transition from 3.4 to 3.6 then…

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