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Running Chromium and other apps on Wayland

First of all by tomorrow we will be able to use GNOME-Wayland with one click.


Fedora Rawhide

By tomorrow” is a very relevant expression, because GNOME 3.12 release isn’t accompanied by an actual OS release to use it. An old sad story for GNOME.

Only Arch guys do things right here, and they will include GNOME 3.12 in the next few days.

Fedora’s Next (F21) first initiative was to skip a whole GNOME release, even if they’re supposed to use GNOME as their primary and only desktop interface.. Anyway..


I’m using Weston so I can show some things I can’t demonstrate in GNOME Wayland Session.

Weston features like workspaces, animations, rotations, the amazing zoom and others are implemented by Weston internally and aren’t part of the Wayland protocol or part of the Shell designs. That means that Shell doesn’t support them -or it has its own implementations- and  you can’t use them on GNOME-Shell.

More info about how to run and customize Weston you will find in Arch Wiki. I’m using the very latest packages from upstream, so your experience can be somewhat different.


This is a known bug that where applications that use GtkClutterEmbed render sub-surfaces “outside” of the parent window. Except Totem that also affects lots of GNOME Games -and more apps I guess.


Above I’m attaching an older screenshot (I can’t currently build xwayland), that demonstrates that Totem works fine on X-Wayland. The point is that when you are in GNOME-Wayland Session, Totem will run seamlessly on XWayland so you won’t “notice” the bug. At least that happened to Rawhide.

Bastien Nocera #693757

GtkClutterEmbed doesn’t work on wayland because it uses X11 specific calls, and wayland doesn’t have support for sub-surfaces that are needed to get an equivalent to the child windows we use in X11

Note that there are already some patches (I haven’t tried them), and a fix might come inside the 3.12.x cycle. If not, it will get fixed somewhere in 3.13.x.


Not a clue if Adobe Flash will work here
Chromium on Wayland Tizen IVI & Chromium on Wayland YouTubes

This is Chromium with Aura UI on Ozone-Wayland layer that runs natively in Wayland. When Aura is used, there’s no need for graphics toolkits, such as GTK+, EFL etc. Ozone-Wayland is a work from Intel, where for Ubuntu’s Mir there is Ozone-Mir by Intel guys and others.

Google’s Ozone (with Intel’s help) is an abstraction beneath the Aura window system for low level input and graphics. Once complete, the abstraction will support underlying systems ranging from embedded SoC targets to new X11-alternative window systems on Linux such as Wayland or Mir to bring up Aura Chromium without needing additional platform code added to the Chromium source tree.

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