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Rodent file manager is revolutionizing your ways!

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As expandable and configurable as Nautilus may be, it doesn’t meet the needs of power users or everyone’s preferences. If you are one of those, why don’t you try Rodent?

Why should(n’t) I use it?

Rodent is fast and fully featured. You will find that some things are done in a different way, but efficiency is not compromised in any case. All you need to do is give Rodent some time to get used to what is going on on this file manager, and Rodent will serve you back.

Rodent offers some unique features that everyone would find interesting and quite useful like the application launcher that you can access just by right clicking anywhere:

As you can see, right clicking in to empty space allows you to access everything you could possibly need in a fast, simple and efficient way. Useful things like “Open terminal here” that Nautilus needs an extension for, are offered by default in Rodent.

The first thing that might alienate you are the icons that Rodent uses, but you can easily make the file manager use the system selected icons (Faience in my case) through the “Personal Settings”.

Changing the icon set and size from the lower right bar made things quite more coherent with the rest of my system.

The powerful capabilities of Rodent show when you need to review, run, playback, or open a file. Rodent preview an image or a document when the cursor passes above it, allowing you to have a quick look of what that file contains. The same happens with folders and their content that are presented as a file list on a pop-up. (Click images for larger)

Rodent is not hiding its half-console nature. Almost everything you’ll do from copy-paste to renaming a file will make the bottom terminal of the file manager show up and allow you to write whatever command you need. Rodent is fully functional in both ways!

Rodent is not a suitable file manager for the Linux noobies, but it certainly worths the attention of every advanced user. It is built for those who know what they are doing, and want to have power on their hands easily available. It is a fast, modern file manager that will let you do what you want in the most efficient way.

I suggest everyone try Rodent for a week, and see how it goes (and come here and tell us about it). I will!

Rodent Homepage

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  • Satyajit Sahoo

    No padding from top looks a bit awkward though.

  • Billg

    I need due-pane

  • Liam

    Caution Fedora 17 Gnome Shell users: rodent seems to wreak havoc with my system to point of requiring a reboot initiated from a VT.
    It has some great features but seems to not work well in my Gnome Shell.

    • alex285

      On 4.8.0 I just get some crashes on Rodent, but doesn’t bug my Fedora. 

      • Liam

        KDE 4.8?
        That would probably explain the difference, though I haven’t had Rodent crash yet.
        If anyone else reports this I might try tracking down but if it’s just me I’d say it is just one of those odd software issues that might well be birthed from an esoteric part of the stack.

        • alex285

          I mean Rodent 4.8.0 :)

          • Liam

            Ah. Carry on then :)

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