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Rhythmbox 2.99 is meeting the goals

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Gnome’s music playback and management application is taking the last big step before 3.0 release and it does taking care of some unfinished business.

Certain Gnome goals have been around for quite some time now like the port to Gstreamer, the migration from gnome-keyring to libsecret, the notification filtering and use of an app menu. Rhythmbox has finally harmonized with the set specifications delivering a release that brought serious work towards the greater coherence with our favorite desktop environment and the rest of its tools and applications.



  • Menu bar replaced with app menu or menu button
  • GStreamer 1.0
  • Uses libsecret instead of gnome-keyring
  • Supports GNOME notification filtering
  • Small improvements to podcast browsing and updating
  • Play button now turns into a pause or stop button while playing
  • Buffering progress now appears in the song position slider rather than an unlabelled progress indicator in the status bar
  • Media player sync works better with transcoded files

Apart from the above changes, version 2.99 and 2.99.1 brought 45 bug fixes in almost every sector and aspect of the application (core app, lyrics and plugins functionality fixes, memory leak fixes and code cleanup, startup freezes and some ui changes/improvements)

Bugs Fixed:

  • (697526) – Click Help menu -> Document Not Found in yelp
  • (697527) – Click F1 key in rhythmbox -> No popup yelp
  • (697534) – Add Alt+E keyboard shortcut for Edit menu
  • (697915) – XI_BadDevice errors
  • (376372) – if a podcast feed adds more than one podcast not all will be downloaded.
  • (381196) – rhythmbox-client has no option to toggle shuffle/repeat
  • (399012) – Rhythmbox wakes up too much
  • (454239) – Rhythmbox should have an option to copy files to the default folder when importing
  • (592455) – turning volume with ctrl+up/down arrow also skip the song
  • (663440) – CD does not resume playing after pausing
  • (672306) – Lyric plugin: buttons don’t use mnemonics
  • (673533) – No way in Rhythmbox 2.96 to see a *full* list of podcast subscriptions
  • (674178) – fetch korean lyrics from
  • (678032) – The interface freezes at launch
  • (679880) – should use keywords in its .desktop entry
  • (679982) – Can’t delete libraries from
  • (683375) – add shuffle toggle command line interface
  • (684301) – artsearch: don’t warn for GErrors enumerating files
  • (685004) – profile page’s toolbar is shown when not logged in
  • (685565) – error in dbus object path formatting
  • (685820) – rhythmbox context plugin: unable to display Links tab
  • (685821) – rhythmbox lyrics plugin: unable to set lyrics folder in preferences
  • (685822) – rhythmbox lyrics plugin: DarkLyrics IndexError: list index out of range
  • (685893) – rhythmbox lyrics plugin: some service no longer work
  • (685910) – Make sure to ref objects when using them in an idle call
  • (685945) – Disable the context pane plugin when webkit isn’t available
  • (686320) – Crashes when enabling visualiser plugin
  • (686470) – eggwrapbox: Fix getting orientation as a property
  • (687109) – help: port to new documentation infrastructure
  • (688432) – Disable building of two static libraries by default
  • (688515) – Bottom panel for plugin widgets is not shown
  • (688638) – crash parsing musicbrainz audiocd search results
  • (689413) – Crash on drag’n’drop of album cover
  • (689883) – port visualizer plugin to gstreamer 1.0
  • (689899) – Deadlock using the xfade backend
  • (690235) – crashes when audio sink cannot be created
  • (690993) – segfault in rb_track_transfer_batch_check_profiles()
  • (692158) – Rhythmbox crashes when changing internet radio station genre
  • (694293) – Plug some small leaks
  • (696517) – fix linking lastfm plugin
  • (697267) – Crash in rb-podcast-add-dialog.c

Rhythmbox is taking a very much needed step towards optical and technical coherence, while at the same time shapes a solid base for 3.0 to be based on.

You probably have already upgraded to the latest Rhythmbox, but you can always use the below button to download the source and build it manually.

Get Rhythmbox 2.99

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  • trollino

    It recognizes only mp3 files as valid for import. It doesn’t list .m4a files, both AAC and ALAC, which is a problem for me, since in my 80gb library only one song is encoded in mp3

    • trollino

      oh yes, I have gstreamer1-libav installed and banshee works

  • lw8000

    How do you restore the main menu bar? Not everybody is using Gnome3. If I run it in the MATE desktop environment, there is no way to get to the menu options. ???

    • KD

      You can’t restore menubar. All those options will go into gear menu like this: