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Restoring Type-Ahead Functionality in Nautilus [patch]

Just to make it very clear, this is a patch from Daniel Wyatt which isn’t a Nautilus maintainer. The patch hasn’t been reviewed by GNOME developers yet, and it might never happen!

I am just showing it here, so you can participate in GNOME’s bug tracker, if you feel that you want this function back.


It restores the Type-Ahead search in Nautilus, like it was in version Three-Point-Four.


By default when we start typing, Interactive Search is activated. No recursive search inside Folders. To use recursive search, we simply either press the <Search> button, or <Ctrl+F>.


You enable this option from Nautilus Preferences. Since the UI part doesn’t exist, we can do that from GSettings.


Tested on Nautilus Upstream 3.11.3+Git


Daniel Wyatt:

Patch to restore type-ahead find

This is a patch to restore interactive search as an option. When enabled, the query editor is still usable via CTRL+F (or the search button, etc).


Feel free to add your opinions @ Bugzilla.Gnome.Org/721968

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