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Removing “About” From GNOME “Core” Apps?

Are “About” dialog boxes really necessary for GNOME “core” Apps? Think about it. We already know the version ( same as GNOME version ), we know the license, and Copyrights aren’t quite important.

About Boxes

Lets use Web as an example.


There are 2 things to pay attention.

  1. Dialog boxes can show additional information as the WebKit version here, and quick jump links.
  2. Standardize [ Help, About, Quit ] menu items. A goal of GNOME 3.12.

Videos 3.12 Removes About

In the case of Videos 3.12 there isn’t an About Menu.


About, inside Help

I filed a bug and that is the answer of Bastien Nocera ( Videos Maintainer ).

This is on purpose. See my comments on this thread: ie. it doesn’t bring us anything, and clutters the menus.

On the above thread Bastien says:

FWIW, I think that core apps shouldn’t have an about menu item at all, and it’s what I’ve done in Totem^WVideos for example.

However in GNOME HIG ( Human Interface Guidelines ) for Application Menus, About and Quit items are necessities and not options for GNOME developers. Or not?

Reading the above bug thread ( you should read it if you want to understand ), it seems that the removal or not of About from GNOME “core” Apps is still under investigation. But Videos so far is the only (?) exception.

Personally I’ ll go with Bastien’s implementation on this. I think About isn’t any useful as long as they can “substitute” it with Oops and Yelp applications. But on the other hand, About Option familiarity is too strong..

Oops is the debugging GNOME tool, and development hasn’t started yet, and Yelp is the GNOME Help tool, that in my opinion should include the Application’s About information.

Yet another docs hackfest blog post

There are some issues with Yelp, for example Yelp’s help sometimes is outdated. New features are arriving in GNOME but aren’t included in User Documentation.


Yelp has greatly improved in the last year, and it seems that it will get some more attention and a new interface. You can help. Read more at Allan Day blog post!

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