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Release Clutter 1.10.8 (stable)

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  • docs: Fix XInclude path for test-threads.c
  • text: Chain up in the ScriptableIface implementation
We need ClutterActor's implementation to run as well.
  • introspection: assorted annotation fixes ported from Vala
  • interval: Do not leak the result GValue
The compute() method will cache the result, to avoid multiple allocations and copies; this means, though, that we need to unset the GValue when destroying the Interval.
  • tests: link test-conformance against libm
  • tests: Make sure we return 0 only on error
  • Stop casting ClutterTouchSequence* to ulong
Use instead a hash table to link touch sequences to colors.
  • tests: Cope with lack of ClutterPoint by defining a similar struct locally
  • conform/events-touch: Silently bail out if init failed
This removes the need to conditionally run the test.
  • tests: Add unit test for touch event handling
For now, it just generates a simple horizontal slide (by writing to /dev/uinput) and checks that the stage gets the events at the expected coordinates. The test won't run if it doesn't have read/write permissions to /dev/uinput.
  • tests: Add interactive test for touch events
  • events: Deliver touch events to actors
  • Updated Latvian translation


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