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Reach your matching limits, with Mahjongg!

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The aim of the game is to remove all 144 given tiles as quickly as possible, while avoiding a stall. The tiles have a specific formation that is called “The Turtle”. To remove 2 tiles by matching them, they must be “free”, meaning that they have no other tile on their right or left of the same level. See the two images below to understand this better.

The highlighted blue tiles on the right image are the free tiles, that means you can pair them with other free tiles of the same figure and they are gone. Matching these, will result into freeing the tiles that were next to them opening up new matching possibilities. If you reach a point where no free tiles match another then you loose.


The GNOME implementation of this addictive game is exactly what you’d expect. Beautiful, easy and fun.

On the top right of the screen you can see useful information like the moves/pairings that can be currently done and the time passed so far. On the top left you can do things like calling for a hint that will highlight two matching free tiles but with a 30 seconds penalty, undo your last move, or pause the game.

Besides the “Turtle” formation that is called “easy” on Mahjongg, there are other formation choices that will make the game more interesting for those of you who got bored with the standard formation. Here is an example of the Ziggurat formation:

Highscoring is of course the final aiming of this game. Time passing is overwhelming your every move with suspense and when all tiles are finally gone all you want to see is this:

Mahjongg is part of the GNOME Games package and if you can’t find it on your distribution repositories, then you need to download it from this ftp server and compile it from source. Have fun matching tiles everyone!

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