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Raise ’em with PokerTH!

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Local Game

You can start by playing local games against up to 10 CPU controlled opponents. You can set the amount of money you want to start with and some other details like blinds settings, game speed etc. Although all the opponents use the same AI to reach to decisions, you can change their names and avatars to make the table look more realistic and more personality pluralistic, thus more enjoyable!

Internet Game

Playing with other people over the internet is as simple as the pressing of a button. You can either create a username to keep statistics, or log in as a guest. Creating an account though comes with some advantages like the ability to chat and to enter any game, and is completely free.

Speaking of money, PokerTH players use only iconic money and play for the honor and glory of the winner. If you want to play with real money you can visit

After logging in you can choose one of the many games found on the list. I chose to play a one vs one for starters!

Network Game

Lastly, you can also connect with your friends for a poker game using the host’s IP. You can set the time periods between blinds raising, delay between hands and timeout seconds. You can use IPv6 and SCTP, and you can choose what port you want to open. Be aware that any active firewalls on the host will definitely cause connection problems for other players.

As a conclusion I can say two things. I am not a poker fan so I don’t know what is and isn’t out there, but I think that PokerTH is the best solution for Poker amateurs who want to play some poker against other people on Linux. The second thing is that Qt doesn’t really show itself in this game so apart from installing extra libraries, you won’t have any coherence issues with PokerTH.

PokerTH Homepage

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