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Put a terminal in your Gnome Shell with DDT Extension!

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Terminal comes and goes with a keystroke (F12 in Ubuntu) but zzrough says:

In guake, stjerm and others, you need to set explicitely the key, so F12 or something similar is used. I wanted something more generic working for most languages by default, so I used “Above_Tab” key as the default since it is already used to cycle between windows on an application (Alt+Above_Tab)“.

Some settings will arrive on the next versions:

The terminal is activated using the “key above tab”. This can be changed using gsettings, but there is no graphical preferences edition at the moment, this will come in the next version“.

What’s coming next

– initial, basic version

– copy/paste via popupmenu + shortcuts (ctrl-shift)
– dnd
– detect active pid and ask before exiting the shell? (or detach it?)
– preferences (term + height + early fork)
– restore the animation, but it suffers the same issue as the other related extensions:
we need to move the window (out of the screen before) before it is mapped

– investigate the focus issue and restore the default BLOCK cursor
– investigate if the inner-border can be retrieved

– test on multihead: global.screen.connect(‘monitors-changed’, …)
– pause the child process if term closed and no active pid (for powersaving, maybe an additional pref?)

– multi tabs?

– enable translations (seriously, it’s a terminal)
– investigate argb colors not working

Not bad!

Get DDT from Gnome Extensions   OR   Fork it in GitHub!

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  • Fabrixxossidedotnet

    Very useful There is not an old version that work on Gnome 3.4?

    • alex285

      No, as far as I know. But Gnome 3.6 is coming out in a few days :)

      • Fabrixxossidedotnet

        Yes but Debian testing takes a long time to update Gnome

  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    Sounds really great but whats the difference between this and quake?

    • alex285

      Quake is a game :) You mean Guake. DDT is Gnome Shell Extension, there is a difference. Try it :)

      • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

        ya i meant guake. I will give it a try once i get gnome 3.6

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