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Popovers GTK Branch Is Now Merged On Master! [GNOME 3.12]

Around a month ago, I had wrote about the “Popovers” branch of GTK and I had said that hopefully Popovers will arrive in GNOME 3.12. Today, thanks to the work of Carlos Garnacho, popovers are available for anyone to use them!


A Popover Menu


A Popover Tooltip


Editing Inputs With A Popover

Popovers are of course theme-able: GtkPopovers are menu alike widgets that are shown pointing to a definite area. Entries and textviews define some of those that act as OSD for certain touch operations. GNOME 3.12 code freeze is in less than a month, and don’t expect a heavy use of Popovers in upcoming GNOME.

Check on Matthias Clasen post to learn more; he also demonstrates the Touch Selections.

Goings On | And Now, Popovers

Just Another Good Day for GTK!

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