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Popover Vs Classical Menu In Videos

This is a mockup. It might never happen, and it more likely will be different when it comes. Popover is a new widget for Gtk and I think we are going to see them a lot in the future, in Gnome 3.14 in September 2014.

No need to explain the differences between a Popover and a classical menu, but here is the outcome.


That’s Totem 3.11.x under development, and Gear Menu looks really bad, with a two level navigation. To be honest Nautilus Gear Menu isn’t either much better. What if we add a popover here?

One thing with Popover items is that they cant’t have children(submenus). If you add children in Popover you will just get an accordion menu, coming straight from 80ies ;)

Gnome Shell makes some soft use of children items in popovers, but doesn’t really abuse it. As a rule, popovers can display more complex context than menus (like Shell Calendar), but they can’t list many items, except if you are going to create mega menus (multiple lists), which isn’t a common technique in desktop.


That’s the mockup of Totem that Jakub Steiner (Gnome Designer) uploaded today. Notice the 3 dots in items, that indicates that something else is going to happen. Since there are dots and not an arrow, I guess this won’t bring a slide-bottom submenu.

I think this is a very nice improvement, that it will affect many gnome-modules.

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  • WM

    Maybe a slide-left-in submenu like in Firefox’s Australis Menu?

  • giubani

    Why didn’t gnome developers implement CSD also in totem? It’s not logical in my opinion to use an os working differently with some applications and some others…many gnome apps are still missing it

    • alex285

      It is under development.

      • giubani

        oh, I see…that’s good news! :) thank you for answering

        • Eduard Gotwig

          I think you dont understand. If you click into the video content field once, all interface, except the window border, goes away, if you click again, it comes back. I am not sure if you can hide the border of the window just with one click, I doubt so!

          • giubani

            applications that include client side decorations are a little different when they are not maximized, check some out and you’ll see